All the Things the Construction Companies Should Know before Sending Heavy Machines to the Heavy Equipment Repair Shop

Heavy equipment is one of the most important things in the construction industry. Any problem with the heavy equipment can disturb the project. That’s why companies should repair or replace the broken heavy equipment and continue the project immediately. One of the options is by sending the equipment to the heavy equipment repair shop. Let’s discuss some important things before doing it.

Types of Heavy Equipment in Construction

Companies use a variety of heavy equipment to finish their construction projects. Companies often use an excavator. It becomes one of the most popular machines used in the construction industry. A construction company uses an excavator to do some heavy lifting, demolition, river dredging, cutting of trees, and a variety of heavy projects. Other heavy machines for heavy-duty projects are including wheel tractor scraper, tower crane, dragline excavator, dump trucks, pile driving machine, and many more.

Common Problems in Heavy Equipment

The operator should understand a little bit about the common problem in the heavy equipment. One of the common problems is bad electrical connections. It happens because modern heavy equipment relies on electricity and computers. Any problem with the connectors gives impact on the machine.

For example, an excavator has to work at max capacity all day long to achieve the target or goal. This condition leads to system failures or any serious problems. Another case is that the operator doesn’t maintain the equipment before using it. It triggers a variety of issues and without maintaining properly, it leads to greater problems. As a result, companies should repair or replace the heavy equipment.

The Way to Use Heavy Equipment Repair Shop

Sending the machines to the heavy equipment repair shop is one of the most effective methods. It involves several steps. First, you have to transport the equipment to the shop location. That’s why the operator should choosing the nearest shop. Second, the team will analyze the problem and find the best solution to repair the heavy machine. Third, the shop treats the machine based on the problem. It takes a few days to repair the machine and depends on the damage level. Fourth, the operator can take the machine back and continue the project.

Services of Heavy Equipment Repair Shop

Reputable repair shops often offer a variety of services. First, the shop is ready to rebuild the heavy equipment. In this case, a repair person checks the machine and take all the parts piece by piece. When it is done, the Cat technicians rebuild the heavy machine by new parts. Some companies choose this service to keep the older machine work, so they don’t have to buy a new one. Moreover, the cost is cheaper than buying a new one. Second, a reputable shop offers painting services. Companies take this service to see a fresh machine. Mostly, they also want to paint the heavy machines with the colors of the logo for brand awareness. Third, companies can ask for repairing and servicing the hydraulics. Hydraulics system often uses in backhoes and excavators. The operators should make sure that the hydraulics system works well and maintain it regularly. It is a complicated part to repair and it is better to let an expert handle the problem.

Fourth, along with the age of the machine and the way the operator uses it, heavy equipment often has a problem with its engine. The damaged engine can stop the project because the operator can’t run the machine. It is the same case if the machine is using a diesel engine or fuel engine. Fifth, heavy equipment often has to face the undercarriage problem. This problem happens when the heavy equipment works hard and more than its maximal capacity. A professional heavy equipment repair shop will fix the cracks. Alignment problems, tracks, loose nuts and bolts, uneven wear, and many more. Sixth, repair shops can also handle welding and fabrication services. Commonly, the technicians will try to fix the parts instead of replacing it with a new part. It takes time and money to order new parts.

The Best Time to Send the Heavy Equipment to the Repair Shop

Companies should consider several things before sending the broken heavy machines to the repair shop. First, companies have to consider the weight and size of the equipment. Operators have to make sure that the machine and equipment are easy to transport to the repair shop. The easier to transport and nearer the shop, the better. Operators can deliver the machine immediately for more effective repair and maintenance. The faster the repair process, the better because it doesn’t affect the project timeline significantly. Second, companies should understand whether they have to repair or maintain the heavy machine as soon as possible or not. There is a case that the construction team has to repair the machine immediately due to the contract of the project. On the other hand, there is also a case that companies have enough time for regular maintenance or repair. Repair equipment shop is a good solution for companies that have to fix or maintain their heavy machines immediately. Professional repair equipment shops have the latest technology, tools, and parts to solve the problem effectively. The team can detect the problem accurately and fix it with the best method.

Third, companies have to understand whether they need to rebuild or paint the machines or not. Rebuilding and painting heavy equipment is a complex thing to do. It needs help from the professional and expert team to do the process perfectly. Because of that, it is better to send the machine to the reputable heavy equipment repair shop. The most important thing to know is that this job needs a team with special skills and particular techniques and tools so there are no other ways except sending the machines to the expert repair shop. As a result, companies will satisfy with the result and can use the machine even better than before.

Important Things to Know Before Sending Heavy Machines to the Repair Shop

In case a construction company has to send its heavy machine to the repair shop, the company still has to consider several important things. Let say, the company should calculate the cost to transport the equipment. It is important to search for several shops and take the nearest location to limit the transport cost. Another alternative is choosing the lowest transport cost and the quality of the repair shop. Besides considering the cost, construction companies also need to consider the time to transport the machines to the repair shop. If it is not an urgent repair or maintenance, sending it to the machine to the repair shop is the best option. The companies just have to calculate the time to transport and repair the machine to make sure that they don’t break the contract because of the machine.

Moreover, companies should understand that a repair shop is an option for regular repair projects. The team will work based on business days. It is different than a field repair in which the team has to work right away. It is a good option for an urgent repair project. The size and shape are also important considerations before sending a heavy machine to the repair shop. It will be easy to transport a small heavy machine than a big one. The size and shape determine the transport cost and time. Sending a mobile heavy machine is also easier than fix machine. In the end, the consideration of sending heavy equipment to the repair shop depends on the needs of the company to finish its project.

Things to Ask to the Repair Shop before Using Its Services

Heavy machine owners should know what happens with their machine and the repair methods. That’s why the machine operators have to ask the repair options. Let the repair shop explains their option and the best one to handle the broken machine. The explanation gives the operators a better understanding of the main problem, what they have to do, the repair process, cost, and many more.  It is okay for the heavy machine operators to know about the certification of the technicians. A professional heavy equipment repair shop will explain it completely. The certification is an important thing to know to ensure that the machine is handled by the professional team. A certified team handles the machine based on the standard.

If it is necessary, the machine operators can also ask about the repair plan to the technicians. Sometimes, they have to explain the plan to the company to make sure that the process doesn’t break the contract. The idea is to ensure that the repair process and construction project run well based on the schedule. Asking about the warranty is also important to do, so the machine operators can take it anytime there is a problem with the heavy machine.

In short, choosing the right heavy equipment repair shop is very important before sending the heavy machine there. There are a lot of considerations before doing it because companies and operators are dealing with heavy machines and contract to finish the project. A professional heavy equipment repair shop will help the process well because it has a great team that works based on the standard.


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